Up Close and Personal with Jerry Lewis (MDFA)

Case Study 'Jerry'Case Study

Up Close and Personal with Jerry Lewis (MDFA), June 2011

Perfect Events

Peninsula, Melbourne Docklands – 1,150 Guests


Perfect Events approached us to work with them on the upcoming Jerry Lewis event. It was to be a high profile event that would sell-out in one of Melbourne’s most prestigious venues.  The technical needed to be of the highest quality and vary considerably given the many layers of entertainment throughout the night. We were also asked to come up with a stylish stage look that captured the essence of the evening.


  • Large scale lighting design to work within the room, emphasise the stage styling and provide plenty of variety for the many layers of entertainment.
  • A vision component that included 4 screens, 4 high-end projectors, complex switching equipment and 2 x manned camera locations to capture the entire event.
  • Stage styling that had elements of Las Vegas which we designed, pitched, manufactured and delivered.
  • Coordinate a thorough audio system where even distribution for guest satisfaction was critical. It also needed to accommodate a variety of entertainment requirements.
  • Project Management which worked closely with Perfect Events to take out the stress of those technical aspects.
  • Venue liaison to ensure all parties knew their roles in delivering not just a flawless event but all aspects from load in to bump out.


After the industry renowned dramas of the Jerry Lewis visit in 2010, with a different audiovisual supplier it was highly critical and constantly emphasised in the lead up that in 2011 there was not to be the same technical issues. We worked diligently with Jerry’s touring team and where critical supplied back up technical to ensure all potential problems were eliminated.

To tie the extensive technical component in with the styling of the room so that it was transparent and didn’t detract from the overall room look.

With many layers and greatly varied entertainment throughout the night, it was critical to produce then deliver a thorough rehearsal schedule so strict run sheet times could be adhered to on the evening.

To work closely with the venue to ensure the technical schedule and floor plan fit in with their banquet set up as the room was stretched  to capacity so all components needed to be covered thoroughly from the second we arrived on site to the last moments as we departed – 25 hours in total.


The event was a huge success with guests thoroughly enjoying the stylish affair. The stage styling complemented the room perfectly. Perfect Events were elated as Jerry Lewis delivered a complete, technically flawless show without a single issue. After a hectic rehearsal schedule in the afternoon, the professional technical team delivered each component that evening with precision and excellence.