AgriBio Building Launch

Case Study 'Agri'Case Study

AgriBio Building Launch, April 2013

Citrus Communications

La Trobe University, Bundoora Campus – 320 Guests



Citrus Communications contacted JCH Event Solutions in relation to launching the multi-million dollar state-of-the-art AgriBio Science Building. It was to be a morning launch with state government officials, including the Premier of Victoria, and all other key stakeholders attributed to the project in attendance.  The technical needed to be of the highest quality across two areas – pre/post event and the actual launch area.


  • A visual component that included 8 LCD Screens across two areas running various content at different times.
  • Modular audio systems where even distribution for guest satisfaction was critical throughout the event, while an audio feed was also required for a live webcast and a media splitter for those reporting within the room.
  • Due to the time of day and large amount of ambient sunlight within the event space, event lighting was minor but still given the attention it required. Tailor made gobos were fitted in moving head lighting fixtures and positioned in the shadows for the greatest effect. Stage lighting was basic but specifically matched to the sunlight to lift presenter’s faces for both webcasting and media.
  • Staging risers were carefully considered in order to work around pieces of furniture within the event space that could not be moved. JCH Event Solutions provided the main stage, media risers and webcast camera risers. A basic black backdrop and plaque reveal were also provided and positioned at the main stage.
  • Project Management which worked closely with the client and key personnel of the new building to take out the stress of all the technical requirements.


As it was the AgriBio building’s first major event the venue needed to be comfortable that JCH Event Solutions could abide by their stringent OH&S procedures. Floor plans, equipment lists, technical schedules, JSA and SWMS documentation were all exchanged to-the-letter – along with full staff inductions. The result was that the JCH Event Solutions team left the brand new AgriBio building exactly the same way they had found it.

JCH Event Solutions also worked closely with other Citrus Communications suppliers, such as webcasting, to ensure all aspects of the event were suitably met. Pre-production meetings were essential to ensure switching was seamless between multiple laptops, cameras and DVD playback.


The event was hugely successful with all parties excited about the opening of the new building, as they should be! A technically flawless show was delivered by JCH Event Solutions without a single issue. Citrus Communications were ecstatic with how smoothly all aspects of the launch came together.