Preproduction is Key. Work smarter not harder.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) set an attendance record at the Orlando Citrus Bowl last Monday with its annual showcase Wrestlemania. 75,245 adoring fans packed the stadium, while on their dedicated WWE network another 1.95million subscribers tuned in and this does not include one-off pay-per-view subscriptions from over 180 countries where those figures are yet to be tallied. Forbes has the WWE enterprise valued at $1.5 billion – not bad for a ‘fake’ sport. So with snappy writing, clever storylines and genuine hero and villain separation, families are embracing the escape of this theatre in droves. Here at JCH Event Solutions our keen interest is always in the cutting edge production values which never fail to impress.

With over 1000 lighting fixtures and a multifaceted LED entrance measuring more than 25m wide x 5m high flanked by 2 amazing 5m wide x 15m high wings, and not to mention the very smart LED entrance flooring measuring more than 6m wide x 50m long. It was always going to deliver amazing audiovisual punch!

Now we know at JCH Event Solutions you only dream of such budgets, but it need not be like that. We take the key components and condense them to suit your environment and budget. At JCH we always recommend our clients take the time with preproduction – preproduction is the key! It only need be a few extra hours and a handful more emails, but a well choreographed show with a small AV budget will look 10 times better than an event which is laced with all the AV ‘bells and whistles’ but with no thought or planning. You are pretty much throwing your hard earned company dollar away. With the ‘event dollar’ tighter than ever can you afford to be the one not playing it clever? The saying ‘work smarter, not harder’ has never rang truer! Talk to us today about your next major event and let’s make it an event your guests will be raving about all year!